What to Look for When Shopping for a Long Distance Moving Company

So you need to move a long distance, or maybe even across the country. Your pre-move checklist is probably quite long and finding the right moving company might be one of the things you dread. The good news is, with a little guidance and the right research, it doesn’t have to be!

While you might think that all movers are equal, just finding a company is not enough to justify trusting them to move your personal belongings across the country. Before you hastily pick one just to get this task over with, there are a few important steps you need to take. With the following three easy steps in mind, you will be able to weed out the wrong companies and find the movers that best fit your needs, budget, and priorities.

Step 1: Preliminary Research

Aside from having a friend or family member you trust recommend the perfect company, research is your best first step. Start with this moving website to read reviews of movers in your area. Then, sift through your results by asking a few questions like what services will you need and does the moving company offer all of them?

For example, maybe you need help packing/unpacking, and you will not be able to move in right away. In that case, potentially a company that offers complete moving assistance and short term storage. Otherwise, you might only need transport services. Regardless of distance, read through a company’s website to make sure the team can accommodate your needs and preferences. These are important questions to ask but by no means an exhaustive list of moving questions.

Make sure to do this research first, so you do not spend time on the next steps, only to find an otherwise great company that doesn’t fit your needs.

Step 2: Company Reliability

Look for guarantees, promises and other reliability metrics on the company website.

One thing that many people skim over or skip entirely is reading the fine print of the company’s moving contract. If you take the time, you will understand exactly what the company is liable for and what responsibilities fall on you.

Beyond just guarantees, you need to pay attention to certifications, licenses, and protections. You can find these resources on sites like BBB (Better Business Bureau) or a moving specific site for the BBB’s certified businesses. These will help you understand your potential company’s qualifications (physically and legally).

Step 3: Third Party Reviews

Once you’ve found a few companies that might work for you, check the third party reviews. Studies show that third party reviews are often preferred because they are seen as unbiased.

While positive reviews are very helpful in establishing credibility, it is important to make sure there are no “red flag” reviews that could save you a lot of trouble down the road.

But what about pricing?

Once you have completed these steps, you might have a clear winner, great! Otherwise, here is where pricing becomes most important. You should know roughly what you should expect to pay. Make sure you get complete, detailed and realistic quotes from each company. The more thorough you are before you move, the less chance there is that you will have to deal with unexpected expenses and dreaded moving headaches.

As long as you follow those simple steps, you should be able to check “movers” off your to-do list! On to the bubble wrap.

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