Professional Mover Tips for Transporting Appliances Long Distance

Are you moving far away from where you currently live? Perhaps you have large, household appliances you’d like to bring with you to your new place. Maybe they’re only a few years old and in excellent working condition. Perhaps you spent a lot of your hard-earned money on them and thought it’d be a waste to have to replace them already.

Whatever the case may be, these appliances just aren’t replaceable to you. At first, figuring out how to safely and successfully transport your washer and dryer can be a real challenge. Here are some tips for getting them to your new home without a single scratch.

How to Move Your Fridge

When moving your fridge, there are specific steps you can take to ensure an ultrasmooth transfer.

1. Clean and Defrost

Before you even think about moving your fridge, make sure it’s spotless. Toss out old food and give the entire appliance a thorough wipe down. You’ll also want to defrost the freezer portion and let it completely dry. Taking the time to clean it now prevents mold and mildew from growing while you’re transporting it. And it will be ready to plug-in and use as soon as you move in.

2. Detach Removable Parts and Secure the Doors

Make sure all removable parts are removed or secured in place. Remove the shelves and drawers, so these pieces get tossed around and damaged in the moving vehicle. As for the fridge door, you can try wrapping rope or packing tape around it to keep it closed. Likewise, you’ll want to make sure the power cords are kept nice and secure at all times.

3. Use an Appliance Dolly to Transport the Fridge

Next, you can lift the fridge using a moving dolly. When you do this, it’s important to set the appliance in an upright position. Keep in mind there’s only so much you can do on your own. The fridge is an extremely heavy appliance, so receiving assistance from a friend or a neighbor will help prevent injury. Here are a few items the two of you will need on hand to safely move the fridge. These include:


How to Move Your Washer and Dryer

Maybe you have a washer and dryer you’d like to bring with you to your new house. Initially, the thought of moving these large appliances may be a little nerve-racking; however, it’s entirely doable.

1. Disconnect Hoses and Wires

Start by turning off the water to your washing machine. Then disconnect and drain the hose, giving it time to dry out before packing it. If you have a gas dryer, get the help of a professional to disconnect the gas line. Then, bundle all electrical wires, hoses, and other accessories and place them in a labeled box. Or secure to the machine using a stretch wrap.

2. Use a Moving Dolly

Then, you should attach the appliances to moving dollies. You can use rope for this. Tape or stretch wrap work well to keep the doors and latches closed tight. To prevent the appliances from getting scratched or damaged in any way, you can try tossing thick, soft moving blankets over them. This protective layer is sure to do the trick.


3. Load on the Truck

Load these heavy appliances toward the back of the moving truck, securing with rope or ratchet tie-downs. These local movers NYC indicate that keeping the weight towards the front of the vehicle gives you better handling while driving the truck.

Making a big move indeed comes with a lot of challenges. Transferring large appliances from your old home to your new home doesn’t make it any easier. By ensuring that these precious belongings are kept secure and firmly in place at all times, you can be confident that the transfer will be smooth and successful.

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