Movers on How to Pack Art for Moving & Storage

Congratulations! You are the owner of fine art pieces. Collecting fine art can be a fantastic hobby and investment vehicle. Unfortunately, there often comes a time when all of the art in your collection needs to be relocated. If you find yourself wondering about the best ways to pack and move fine art, don’t worry. Professional movers have plenty of tips regarding this important subject. Check some of them out below!

1. Large Mirrors and Canvases

Large mirrors and canvases should be packed away in large picture boxes. You can easily obtain these boxes from a moving company or art store. You will want to use masking tape to mark a large X on any large mirrors. This will protect the glass from shattering everywhere in the event of an accident. Also, you can wrap large mirrors and canvas art in brown paper. However, do not use old newspaper. The ink on newspaper can ruin your artwork during moving.

2. Smaller Mirrors, Photographs, and Flat Art

Smaller mirrors, photographs, and pieces of flat art should be wrapped in bubble wrap. All of the items should then be stacked vertically in a manageable box. Additional bubble wrap should be placed between each item. This packing strategy prohibits the items from crushing each other during shipping.


3. Antiques, Sculptures, and More

Antiques, sculptures, and other oddly shaped pieces of art should be packed with care. In fact, some might even think packing pieces of art like these is a work of art in itself! These Atlanta movers say the trick is to first use foam padding to wrap any appendages on the artwork thoroughly. Foam and padding should also be stuffed into any gaps or crevices in the artwork. Next, the entire object should be generously wrapped in bubble wrap. The item should then be individually placed inside of a box. All of the remaining space in the box should then be filled with soft packing material. This packing takes time and effort, but it is the best way to protect those oddly shaped pieces of art.

4. Insurance

Never forget the importance of obtaining insurance for valuable pieces of art during an interstate move. Check the insurance policy on your home and your insurance policy with any moving company you are using. You will want to know ahead of time exactly who will be responsible in the event an important piece of artwork breaks.

5. Shipping

Finally, be sure each piece of packaged art is appropriately labeled and placed inside of a truck correctly. You do not want packages of artwork to be bouncing around the insides of a truck or placed near wet materials that have the possibility of spilling. Remember, your packing is not waterproof.


Don’t let the pieces of art you love become damaged during a big move. Use the tips described above to make sure your pieces of art arrive at their new home safe and sound. If you do, the pieces of art you love will be around for you to enjoy for years to come.

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